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Props Past Due - CD

-Quaesar demonstrates his uncanny lyrical versatility and first-class delivery in this instant classic of Head-bangin' rawness. Featuring; Ellay Khule, Mister CR and Jizzm HD. Produced and Mixed by Quaesar. Distributed via Day by Day Entertainment.

Mindset-EP - CD

-Quaesar teams up with SKRuF of Poetik Prophets as they collaborate on styles in this Lo-fi EP edition of Boombap Freshness. 

Prescribed America

During the time-span of 6-13-12 to 10-26-2013 Quaesar worked as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Tech. manufacturing generic blood thinners for a Privately owned Pharmaceutical Company based in Southern California. The intel acquired is expressed in this project. Listener Discretion is Advised.

The Reign of Independence

-Quaesar joins forces with DJ Relictore and executes precision in this edition of West Coast Underground Hiphop.

Opaque Solid

-After dropping a double CD the year prior, Quaesar shows his solidity by releasing another 20+ tracks. Giving way for the title Opaque Solid. 

Plastic Explosive - Double CD

-Commemorating 10 years of solid production, Quaesar releases Plastic Explosive, using the play on words to signify that he is "strapped" with CDs.

Public Enemy Number One

-Contains classics "Fully Loaded" and "Gun Powder". Quaesar and Haewhyer developed an infamous reputation of grabbing mics anywhere (open-mic or not), leading to a lot of negative criticism and feedback even years after Haewhyer's death. At the same time, Quaesar was entering a transition in his life where he started to cut off negative entities in an attempt to detoxify his surroundings. Quaesar recluses himself and addresses his critics, censors, and doubters in this edition titled "Public Enemy Number One" subtitled "Blacklisted Misfits".


-Not too long after Haewhyer passes, and unaware a recession is about to hit. Quaesar invests what little money he has into Rime Fytahs. Purchasing a CD duplicator, CD printing equipment, Silk-screening equipment and begins to go into official business. Giving way to this title "BuyMyShit".

Only in L.A.

-Contains hit classics "4 Track Drugs" and "Deep". 

To the Rescue

-The last Project Haewhyer and Quaesar worked on together.

   Haewhyer and Quaesar start to mature and complement each other's style more effectively in this project titled To the Rescue. 

Please Give Me an Outlet

-After losing his Mother to breast cancer, Quaesar copes with his issues and emotional trauma in this release titled "Please Give Me an Outlet"

Sugar Water

-A classic go-to for all true Rime Fytahs fans. 

From the Land Down Under

-This everlasting classic shows Quaesar and Haewhyer mastering their Lo-fi/D.I.Y. production while still developing their skills. A fan favorite.

Not For Retail

-Rime Fyaths' first CD release. Originally released on cassette, this classic contains re-production off our original "Us Against Them" cassette demo that carried on to the "Sugar Water" CD. The cassette was discontinued due extremely to low sound quality. Knowledgeable fans still ask for it til this day.

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