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Official Label


Quaesar is officializing C.O.L.A. Crew (Creators of the Lost Arts) as an independent label. Starting with the digital release of C.O.L.A. Crew members; Fresh Raheem, Traviller and Weapon of the Masses. Now available on all major digital platforms. Stay posted for more updates. In the meantime, feel free to look our Artists up on your favorite streaming service.


New Music


Stealth Aircraft


DayByDay Distribution


Quaesar has just locked a deal with DayByDayEnt. Distribution! The Entire Rime Fytahs Catalog will be up soon! Stay posted! 


New Releases


New releases just unleashed with more in the works! Stay Posted! Ksar Over & Out!




Our printing department recently had a fire! We lost screens and some equipment. We are in the process of recovery and will have any delayed orders go out asap! Thank you for your patience and understanding!


New Music

Mobile Friendly


We have gone mobile friendly. Now it's easier to stay updated with shows, new music and purchase merchandise.




We are now on twitter! @quaesar. Log on and follow, stay updated with current events etc...



RF 2012


Rime Fytahs 2012 Is On Its Way...Stay Posted...


In Real Time


In Real Time Is Ready! We will be stocked up by Deceber 16th. Featuring: Mister CR (Rumble Pakk/Goodlife Bullyz), Rifleman (Hiphop Kclan/Goodlife Bullyz), Fresh Raheem (Poetik Prophets/C.O.L.A.), Axion (Poetik Prophets/C.O.L.A.), Skruf (Poetik Prophets/C.O.L.A.), Seedless (Hardwerk Records), Malathion (Chamber/C.O.L.A.). With Production by Quaesar, DJ Relictore (TCM/C.O.L.A.), and Axion (HWY Studios). Scratches Provided by DJ Relictore and DJ Erize (C.O.L.A.).




July 30th I'll be assisting Rifleman and Volunteers in a Silk-Screening Project in Leimert Park. It's a daytime event. Everyone's welcome, all ages, family style atmosphere...drum circles etc.


Reverbnation Update


We've added shirts to our Reverbnation store but its just to show what we have. We had to use their templates so the colors are off...If you really want shirts place an order @ ksar@rimefytahs.com and we'll have it delivered or, available for you @ the next show. Plus it'll be cheaper. A lot cheaper...




We are now on Reverbnation. Be patient with us, we are getting used to the new media. We'll have the complete archive up soon...


Music Downloads

We are now active on Bandcamp.com. We currently posted up The Reign of Independence. The entire archive will be up soon...

The Missing Link

The missing link to your Rime Fytahs collection is on its way, "Us Against Them", Originally released in 1997. We plan on releasing it in its original form in both CD and Tape. Then remastering for bonus tracks on up coming releases...Big Up to DJ Seedless for coming thru with the Tascam 4 Track Tape Player I was able to extract and save some dope shit...

Rime Fytahs 2011

Be ready for the next Rime Fytahs this year entitled "In Real Time", so far featuring Mister CR (Rumble Pakk), Fresh Raheem (Poetik Prophets/ C.O.L.A.), Nuvethad (CVE), Seedless (HardWerk Records), Cresrok (D.A.T.A./C.O.L.A), and Malathion (Chamber Music/C.O.L.A.)...so far...With beat production by DJ Relictore (TCM/C.O.L.A.), Quaesar, and DJ Seedless.

Police State

So the night before last my 15 year old brother-in-law was stopped on his porch by the Sheriffs, I don't know what happened exactlly but he was beat up and maced then detained at the station. Like I said I wasn't there but if I know my boy, he was like "fuck you I don't have to listen to you!" Now riddle me this, if my son jumped up in my face and told me "fuck you dad I don't have to listen to you!" and I beat him and maced his ass, I would have child services on my doorstep in a heartbeat...Fruit for Thought....Fuck a Cop...

Global Rebellion

Flexing Power: Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan...who's next....

Police State

Today Southern California Police and Sheriff Departments under the supervision of the FBI commenced early morning raids against suspected gang members and graffiti artists. This tactical attack Included cities from Ventura County to Long Beach...

Big Brother goes Stealth

The US military has launched an unmanned Stealth Bomber that is able to take off, conduct missions and land back on a carrier simply by programming commands into it, and does not require remote control! Its programmed to think on its own! This means you can program an "enemy profile" into it, to target for attack or capture.

Free Downloads!

Its that time of year again to show our appreciation to our fam and supporters by posting free downloads of our cuts...enjoy, and prepare for Rime Fytahs 2011...Have a Safe and Happy New Year Yall....

Covert Shoppe

Official Rime Fytahs gear now available at Covert in Baldwin Park.

Remain Silent

Tis the season when popo needs there holiday bonus. Be ready for not only check points but for asshole cops tryin to impound your vehicles. Remember if you are stopped you have rights, don't be afraid to use them, the average policeman has only achieved a highschool education so they shouldn't be too hard to out wit. Just don't lose patience, remain calm and flex your rights, stay up people and have a safe holiday season...for more info check out www.ACLU.org

Out Now!

Rime Fytahs "The Reign of Independence" is out now. 19 Tracks of Raw Terror. With Rifleman (HiphopKclan), and Nuvethad (CVEmpire), with scratches and beat production by DJs Relictore (TCM, COLA) and Seedless (HardWerk). With a Rime Fytahs mix by DJ Otech...

We're Back at Rhino!!

Rhino Records Claremont is now stocked with Rime Fytahs and C.O.L.A. Merch.

New Video

AlphaDecay on YouTube. Rime Fytahs Hooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

New Shit Out

Just finished bumping that new Rifleman "Friendly Fire". Don't sleep on the OGs...West Up...

New Release

This Summer Rime Fytahs CD entitled "The Reign of Independence". Look out for the video AlphaDecay dropping in June.

90.7 KPFK

This weekend HuskeyRadio debuted an unrealeased cut off the new Rime Fytahs CD due to drop in June on KPFKs "BreakBeats & Rhymes". The Cut was Titled "The Liberal Art" (Kill At Will). Featuring The RifleMan of HipHopKclan. Thanks for all who tuned in for support.

Aux Update

This weekend The Auxiliary Will be posted in Downtown LA and in Baldwin Park at an exclusive event. And next weekend in La Puente.

The Aux. Is on Sunday

This weekend the Auxiliary will be posted at an Art Show provided by Zender in East Los. Log on to HuskeyRadio.com for more info.

Rime Fytahs Live March 19th

Rime Fytahs Live along with HuskeyRadio March 19th. Details will be posted asap....

Live in La Puente

Rime Fytahs and the Poetik Prophets will be performing tonight in a disclosed location in La Puente. All who have special invites will recieve directions asap.

Real Hiphoppers

Real Hiphoppers stay around after the sprinklers go off. Real Hiphoppers straight stand on the sprinkler head til they get shut off. And last night Montclair was just rained on by some Real Hiphoppers, artists to fans. HuskeyRadio.com, Rime Fytahs, Poetik Prophets, a new member of CVE Nuvethad, Iota Arcane, DJ Otech, and about 50 more emcees, breakers and writters in the middle of an apartment complex. Real Hiphop... Thats whats up...thanks for the support from all who rolled true...

Toast to Haewhyer

March 4th is Dr. KillahBrew's Bday. So we salute the fallen Leader with a toast on HuskeyRadio.com. Check the archives if you missed the live airing.

Auxiliray is Mobile.

This weekend the Auxiliary will be moving out Ground Forces to the cities of Montclair and La Puente. Stay Posted for Updates.

Dont buy Off Snocap!!!!

Alerting all fans and potential downloaders. Don't download anything off the Snocap Store. They lost their contract but haven't stopped accepting funds for downloads. Fuck those fools. They must be Industry Agents tring to sabatouge independent artists.

The Auxiliary

This year Ksar commenced a grass roots campaign by hitting the swap meets in local areas, with the goal to spread Hiphop to virgin ears, and to young kids who usually don't have an opportunity to get real shit. Before MySpace, this is how we did it. We are currently posting up at The Starlite, 2540 Rosemead Bl. So. El Monte Ca. Stay posted to see when we're coming to your "Neck of the Hood".. Roll thru, ill out, kick a flow, hustle some shit. **Feb. 6th. Ksar will be performing at the 2nd. St. Jazz Club, so that saturday we will not open the Auxiliary. I am Hiphop, and Hiphop is alive and well.

Free Downloads!!!

Log in December 20th to 25th for free Rime Fytahs Downloads to show appreciation for the years of fan support....

Long Live Lord Haewhyer

Today is the anniversary of the passing of Haewhyer. Long Live Lord Haewhyer. You left a void that can never be filled, I Love You Brother. Ksar over and out...

New CD

Due August 2009, Rime Fytahs "Opaque Solid" 22 Tracks of Raw Realness. With beat production by D.J. Relectore (Crippled Masters/C.O.L.A. Crew) and Ednevitable Happenings (Weapons of the Masses). Scratches by D.J. Relectore and D.J. Erize (C.O.L.A. Fam.). Mixed down by D.J. Otech (C.O.L.A./HuskeyRadio).

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