Rime Fytahs



Quaesar & Syndrome228
Quaesar & Syndrome228


Off the RimeFytahs CD Entitled "PrescribedAmerica".


The Populous is sleep walkin, under the influence of chem-trails and political speech doctrine, they keep stalkin, Agent monitors track you as soon as your screens logged in, keep talkin, and they'll use it against you, mentally rinse, You have no sense of reality while your teeth' chompin, Pink slime to the beat knockin, seeds coughin, from the meat toxins, precautions are ignored, while the key process is left unexplored, put you in a mental tug-of-war, got you thinking if you become someone whore they'll love you more, underscore! the mother source has been downloaded into the Motherboard, all natural resources have been synthesized, putting the body into a chemically altered mind-state, de-energized, the war is in disguise of a capsule, of fat pills, from Enbrel to Paxil, hypnotized by social networks while the FDA pass' bills, legitimate crack deals through Black Guilds, Plaque builds up in my arteries, as the Cloned Food becomes a part of me, the Farm is now a Pharm-acy, bio-waste land fill, producing unmatched yields and makes its way to the gas grill, welcome to America where TV ads kill, dumbed down, too tranquil to organize or move at-will, stuck at a stand still.... -Quaesar (RimeFytahs/C.O.L.A.)