Rime Fytahs


2018 Gear!

This Year Rime Fytahs Teams up with All Rise Clothing & whip out a fresh new line of Gear!

Snapbacks - Rime Fytahs & COLACREW Snapbacks. Camo & Grey

RimeFytahs Camo Snapback - Camo. White Print.

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RimeFytahs Camo Snapback - Camo. Black Print.

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COLA Crew Snapback - Grey

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COLA Crew Snapback - Camouflage

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COLA Crew Beenie - Grey

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COLA Enamel Pin - Black and White

Turn anything into COLA Crew Gear with this Enamel Pin!                  

RimeFytahs Zipup Hoodie - Heather Grey. Black Print.

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RimeFytahs 2018 Print - White Tee. Black Print.

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Music Downloads

Ammo Packs - 50%-70% Savings every Month!

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Props Past Due (Unmastered) - CD

Mindset - CD

Prescribed America

The Reign of Independence

 (To buy using paypal type in www.rimefytahs.com/buy in the address bar).

Opaque Solid

Plastic Explosive - Double CD

Public Enemy Number One


Only in L.A.

To the Rescue

Please Give Me an Outlet

Sugar Water

From the Land Down Under

Not For Retail

Complete RimeFytahs CD Catalog - 20 CDs! Includes exclusive items



All Gear is Printed by Quaesar himself, therfore quantities will be limited but always authentic. "We do our shit 150% Independent, we do not subcontract out work nor have the homey do it, I do it." -Quaesar

Rime Fytahs 2017 Hoodie - White Ink on Black

Sold Out!

Rime Fytahs 2017 - White Ink On Burgundy

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In Skills We Trust Tees - White Ink On Burgundy

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In Skills We Trust Tees - White Ink on Black Tees

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In Skills We Trust Hoodies - White Ink On Black

Black Hoodie. White Print.

Not For Retail Tees - Red

Out Of Stock!

Quaesar Optics - Black Tees White Print

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Plastic Explosive Tees - White Ink On Black Tees


Sold Out! 

HashTag RimeFytahs - 2 Color. Orange and white on Blue Tees.

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Raw On Tape Tees. - On Dark Blue Tees.

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RF Megatronic - Black Tees XLs Only

RF Gunpowder Punisher Series - White Print On Black Tees


Rime Fytahs/C.O.L.A. Merch. - CDs

Mass Merchandise - CDs, Gear and more...

Main Headquarters for anything C.O.L.A.

RFanatic - White on Black

Out of Stock!

RF RawGraff Tee


Out of Stock!

Not For Retail Tees - Navy Blue

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COLACrewBlock Tees - White Tees Black Print

Out of Stock!

Rime Fytahs 1995 Hoodie - Stone Grey Hoodie

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In Skills We Trust tee (KillAllCity Series) - Black Tees White Print

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