Rime Fytahs


Rime Fytahs (Rhyme Fighters) - Quaesar - Haewhyer

 -Dedicated to the fighter in all of us. Rather you fight for freedom, against oppression, to protect your families, or if you fight yourself and your own personal demons. We provide you with the fuel to motivate you on your conquest to conquer your obstacles and break through any barriers set in your way.

   Originally from the San Gabriel Valley, L.A. County. The Rime Fytahs name has been synonymous with Independent/Underground Hip-hop Culture for over two decades. 

   Administered with an aggressive delivery, constant verbal rapid-fire, and precision like focus, you'll soon be overcome with a euphoric sense of adrenalin, ready to take on life's next test.

   Everybody's fighting against something, we just supply you with the theme music.

   After losing his "Partner in Rhyme", Haewhyer, Quaesar has continued the Fyte, demonstrating strength and resilience through his music and artistry. He is a standing member of the World Famous Project Blowed and has recently teamed up with MF Grimm in a Distribution Deal with Day by Day Entertainment for one of his latest projects titled; "Props Past Due". 

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