Rime Fytahs (Quaesar - Haewhyer)


   Born and Raised in Los Angeles County.

Rime Fytahs (Rhyme Fighters/Quaesar-Haewhyer)

formed during the peak of the hiphop era (1995). . 

   In a time when Hip-hop was facing a dire state (Y2K era), leaders were falling to drugs, depression, lack of production, even passing away, venues where being shut down and "underground artists" were going commercial, Rime Fytahs preserved the art form (Pre-Social Media) thru steady production, loyalty to the culture, aggresively attacking open mics, infamously "highjacking" stages, utilizing there graffiti background for "guerilla advertisement", and by forming a Coalition of Lost Artists, later to be known as the Creators Of the Lost Arts (COLA Crew).
  Thru Hard work and dedication Rime Fytahs were able to spearhead a movement of, not only Independent Artists, but the ideology of a DIY mindset which continues today...

Latest Project: Prescribed America released 2014
Lastest Video: The Warning Label feat: Mister CR
Latest InterviewUnderground Paparazzi Ep. 9

Latest Music: Feel The Satisfaction

Besides music:

Works include Silk Screen printing for artists such as

MidgetLoc to organizations like RootDownLA



Live streaming by Ustream


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